research papers

Zheng, T., Bergin, M.H., Sutaria, R., Tripathi, S.N., Caldow, R. and Carlson, D.E., 2019. Gaussian process regression model for dynamically calibrating and surveilling a wireless low-cost particulate matter sensor network in Delhi. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques12(9), pp.5161-5181. [Link]

Zheng, T., Bergin, M. H., Johnson, K. K., Tripathi, S. N., Shirodkar, S., Landis, M. S., Sutaria, R., and Carlson, D. E.: “Field evaluation of low-cost particulate matter sensors in high and low concentration environments”, Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss.,, in review, 2018. [Link] [PDF]
Smart metering worldwide deployment scenarios and IoT based approach for India”, (2014) Jain S., et al., Sutaria R.  International Conference on Standards for Smart Grid Ecosystem, IEEE-SA in conjunction with CPRI, Bangalore. [PDF]

Making Sense of Interoperability: IoT Protocols and Standardization Initiatives“, (2013) Sutaria. R. and Govindachari, R. The 2nd ComNeT-IoT workshop in the 14th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN 2013), TIFR, Mumbai. [PDF] [Presentation] [Conference]

Taking the Guesswork out of Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyles”, (2008) Sutaria, R. and Deshmukh, A. Pervasive 2008 workshop in the 6th International Conference on Pervasive Computing (PerCom 2008), Sydney, Australia. [PDF] (This paper is now included as a Required Reading‘ in an undergraduate/graduate level course titled “Green Design – Strategies & Metrics” at Stanford University). 

Classifying Malicious Windows Executables Using Anomaly Based Detection”, (2006) Sutaria, R. New Jersey Institute of Technology, Dept. of Computer Science. [PDF] [Thesis Summary]

FPGA-based static analysis tool for detecting malicious binaries”, (2010) Guinde, N.B. and Tang, X. and Sutaria, R., et al. The 2nd International Conference on Computer and Automation Engineering (ICCAE 2010) (Vol. 2, pp. 639-643). [IEEE]



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For the Love of India – The Life and Times of Jamsetji Tata by R. M. Lala [Overview] [Preview]

The Art of Effective Giving by R. M. Lala [Overview]